The Wonders of THIS Universe

An important lesson to remember for those striving to believe as many true things and as few false things as possible. You can still enjoy mythology and fantasy while simultaneously appreciating it for the work of art that it really is.

When I was a kid I used to wish so hard that I’d be swept away into the science fiction universes I loved so much. Today I still love those things, but I’ve grown up and learned to appreciate them differently. As I grew up I stopped wishing that I could leave this world behind to become chief engineer of Deep Space 9, or travel to the Pegasus galaxy through a stargate.

I realized that I didn’t have to write off this world, that this existence isn’t just a place to wipe my feet before being whisked away into a better place. The fantasy worlds I adored so much already exist, right here! They exist in the minds of the people who dreamt them up, and in the minds of those who were captivated and inspired by them. I don’t believe that the government really is hiding a massive stargate beneathe Cheyenne Mountain, and starting fights with aliens all over the galaxy. However, I don’t have to believe such things to enjoy the stories and draw inspiration from them.

In my brief moment here on Earth--but a drop in the wake of the antiquity of the universe--I have learned that every last bit of what I need to be happy, is right here. Those magical breathtaking fantasy worlds all came from right here on Earth, the one place in the cosmos that we know for certain harbors something as beautiful and amazing as life. All the wonders of those fictional universes I once adored, pale in comparison even to just this one tiny world.

Humankind’s best science fiction authors can’t dream up a universe that is remotely as awe-inspiring as the exciting scientific discoveries we’re making right here on Earth today. If our little world can be so fraught with beauty and wonder, what do you think lies in store for us…

…out there?