The Hypocrites Are Right

Sadly, the hypocrites are right. We need to be better than they are and only take up opposition when there is actually something to oppose. I'm not going to make shit up and ask Trump for his stupid birth certificate like the ignorant racists felt the need to do with Obama. While it's pretty deplorable that our new leader won't show us his tax returns, I'm not even going to sit and waste time complaining about that because in the end it won't change anything. I'm not going to spread misinformation about his policies so that I have a straw man to attack every time someone brings it up. I WILL NOT SPREAD MISINFORMATION.

I hate Trump. I hate everything he stands for. He's a vile human being with no perspective on what it's like to be anything other than part of the 1%. I could go on all day about all the things he's said that make me hate him, but none of that matters when it comes to policy. Being a responsible American, a true patriot, means being an informed American. I will not hate everything he does simply because I hate him as a person. I will judge things on their own merits and I will actually endeavor to understand a policy before I throw my pitchfork at it. Unlike the "Obamacare" haters who can't even tell you why they hate it, let alone what it actually even is.

The Affordable Care Act was almost entirely a positive thing, only opposed by ignorant people who refuse to actually learn about what is and what it provides. As you can see in the silly video above, ignorance goes both ways. The people who oppose it without understanding it make me roll my eyes but the people who support it without understanding it also make my do a full body cringe. Why do so many people feel the need to share their opinion about something when they themselves know they don't actually understand it? Why do we all act like being a "fence-sitter" is such a bad thing? When did "I don't know" become an unacceptable answer to a question you are uninformed about? I certainly don't expect people to know something about everything, even important issues. I wish people would stop feeling like they need to have an opinion about everything. If you legitimately have a concern about something then learn about it! Only then you can you have anything rational to bring to the discussion table.

Even Trump himself has realized that he can't find anything rational to hate about the ACA and has already announced that "key provisions" of the ACA are to remain. Of course, he can't just move on and not dismantle anything about it because his ignorant supporter base has made it clear that they don't want it, even though I've yet to hear a rational argument for why. I've heard my own relatives say "Obamacare did nothing for me" while talking about their own private insurance rates. Of course it didn't! Obama didn't dismantle private insurance, and if your private insurance rates went up then you can thank your insurance company for capitalizing on your own fears which gave them an excuse to raise your rates and someone to blame that isn't them. No policy is perfect but to try and misrepresent the ACA as an overall negative enactment is complete and utter fear mongering from a position of total ignorance. The ACA has filled a gap for an uninsured 15% of Americans and given them basic healthcare coverage. That 15% largely consists of the poor and elderly. All I ever hear is that "Obamacare is a job killer!" and "Obamacare imposes costs on business!" which are very vague claims that only serve as scare tactics rather than actual information. In fact since the enactment of the ACA jobs in healthcare have risen by 9%! And I have no clue where people, particularly small business owners, get the idea that Obamacare imposes more costs on business. Unless they're referring to the private insurance benefit they provide to employees which would bring us back to the fact that they should be blaming their private insurance, not the ACA.

I don't feel the need to spread ignorant misinformation and if I ever do share something that is demonstrably false then just like science I will happily take in new information and correct myself. If I disagree with something then I will tell you why in detail. If I'm sharing a belief with you then I will back it up with logic and evidence instead of emotionally fueled hatred and blind party loyalty. I don't hate Trump because he's "not on my team", I hate him because so far he hasn't given me a single reason to respect him and plenty of reasons to loathe him. That opinion is based on nothing other than what has come directly out of his own mouth. But that's where it stops for now. So far he's demonstrated that he's a misogynistic, racist, compulsive liar with an ego the size of a gas giant. But that's all. I haven't seen Donald Trump the commander in chief yet. It's possible a giant gasbag like Trump could do some things that I can get behind. And the only way I'll be able to get behind it is if I look beyond the shallow hate-filled person and actually examine the policies his administration tries to put forth.

The man has a LONG way to go before he'll ever earn my respect as an American, but I can hate the person without having to knee-jerk apply that hate to everything he or his administration does while in office. Yes I'm biased against Trump because of what he represents, but that's what logic, reason, and skepticism are for. The whole reason the scientific method exists is to weed out human bias; the first step to removing bias is admitting that we all have it and then taking measures to mitigate that bias by backing up your position with facts and evidence. You won't find me hating on something President Trump has done without a well-reasoned argument behind it. I'll be able to tell you what it is he's done or is trying to do and exactly why I disagree with it. I won't have to sit there and go "uhhhhh because taxes and stuff" like I've had to suffer listening through with every ACA naysayer that has no clue what they hate or why they hate it. I won't be that person and you shouldn't be either. If you are uninformed about something then the correct response when asked for your opinion is "I'm not well enough informed to offer an opinion at this time." There is no other intellectually responsible answer unless you actually know what you're talking about.

Misinformation and the public's willingness to eat it up is precisely why we are where we are. The sad truth is that media outlets are only giving people what they want, and what people want is not the truth. In fact, it's pretty much a social faux pas to correct somebody when they say or share something that is demonstrably false. I've had several members of my own family unfriend me for politely correcting them when they share misinformation to Facebook. But now that I see the power this echo chamber effect has on people I have resolved to not stop, ever. If I see misinformation I WILL tell you why it is so, and I would hope you all do the same for me. Just make sure you're prepared to have a rational discussion because emotion-fueled rants about why I'm wrong will only be met with what can only come out as "polite condescension."

STOP SPREADING MISINFORMATION. People like to blame the media and our elected representatives for all our problems but guess what? It's called supply and demand. If the public won't hold the media's feet to the fire, demand sources, and educate ourselves about truths then the media will continue to not care about such things. It's not personal, it's business, which is something all you Trump supporters out there should understand when defending Trump's willingness to take advantage of legal loopholes and not pay his own taxes. There's no evil Illuminati king at the top somewhere rubbing his hands together going "gooood goooood" while all the "sheeple" run around doing his bidding. We live in a free country with a democratic process that we should respect. We freely elected someone I consider to be a complete moron, and while that saddens me to no end at least we can say that we did so freely via a system that I hope you can all stop shouting is "RIGGED!" now. You did it. You elected the guy you thought was destined to lose because you didn't trust the democracy that has given us the freedoms we take for granted. Maybe, just maybe we can actually make positive change and move beyond all the sexist and xenophobic commentary that Trump shamelessly rode to the top.

I'm hoping the fact that most of us feel a little dirty after this nasty election ends up becoming something that unites us more than before. I hope that most of you out there who didn't vote feel some sense of shame, especially now that you see your vote actually does matter. I hope that most of us now see that we the people can actually make change in this country, even if it's ignorant hate-fueled change. Maybe we can stop blaming one guy for all of our problems and realize that it IS still actually us that control this country in the end. Maybe going forward we can educate ourselves and make positive change without feeling like our votes are pointless. Maybe we can reform stupid shit like the electoral college which only serves to further marginalize marginalized groups whose votes might actually mean something if they were all counted together across the country.

At the end of the day remember this one thing: WE THE PEOPLE elected Trump when everyone, even Trump supporters, never truly thought it possible. WE THE PEOPLE CAN DO ANYTHING. Stay informed, stay positive, and keep challenging your own beliefs.