Good "Old-Fashioned" Animal Abuse

I found out early this morning that the Utah County Fair is adding yet another event to their list that is directly centered around animal abuse. Their pig wrestling event is a blatant violation of those innocent animals' rights, all in the name of "good old-fashioned family fun". Hopefully most of you can see why the fair's version of "family fun" is dispicable. Even if most of the pigs involved will one day end up being slaughtered for food, that does not give anyone the right to regard them as lesser creatures that can be abused for their own entertainment.

I fervently voiced my opinion on their facebook page where I found several others doing the same. Mine and the others' posts have all been removed and banned for expressing genuine concern for the living, breathing, feeling creatures involved in this completely inhumane event. Before they removed the posts from their wall they callously told several other people to take their complaints to the Utah County Commissioners' office. The Utah County Fair is content to hide behind their approval from the commissioners' office and block dissenting feedback from their page rather than acknowledge how ridiculous their event is.

It amazes me that a largely "god-loving" people who claim to embody Christlike values can't seem to find it in their hearts to value the animals' rights over the "tradition" of exploiting them in the name of "family fun". I've been arguing for years that the rodeos that happen throughout the county are also inhumane, but nobody seems to care. In fact, they care so little that they're perfectly content with adding yet another event centered around the abuse of innocent animals to the event list.

Citizens of Utah County, I encourage all of you who are also disgusted by the Utah County Fair's version of "good old-fashioned family fun" to email all three Utah County Commissioners about this. The fair seems content to hide behind their approval and insist that we go to the commissioners office with our complaints. So let's do exactly that.

Utah County Commissioners

Commissioner Anderson (Chairman)

Commissioner Ellertson (Vice Chair)

Commissioner Witney

If you need any help writing a letter, here is what I sent to them. Don't copy it word for word but you're welcome to use it as a starting point. It's okay to be fervent in tone but it's also important that we be professional when communicating with them if we want to be taken seriously.


I'm writing to you today because of the event being held at the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork. Pig Wrestling. I have contacted the fair in an attempt to get them to recognize why this is a horrendous event centered around animal abuse. I found that I was definitely not the only one offended by this after poking around their Facebook page. I also found that the fair replied to a few people telling them to take their complaints to the commissioners office, so I'm doing exactly that.

I really hope that this was just an oversight and that your office did not intend to approve an event that focuses entirely on the abuse of innocent animals. I've been disgusted about the rodeo events in the past, but I've resolved that I'm just not going to get through to the hordes of people who insist that "tradition" is more important than the rights of the animals involved. This time though, we have a fair with TWO events focusing on animal abuse. I implore you to reconsider giving the fair license to treat these animals this way.

Pigs are loving and affectionate animals. They have feelings and to put them through the torture of "pig wrestling" is just horrible. Pigs have at least as much personality as dogs do, if not more, and the people of Utah County wouldn't hesitate to blow the whistle on a "dog wrestling" event. Just because eventually many of those pigs will be slaughtered does not give people license to treat them like lesser creatures that can be abused for our own entertainment.

Please do something about this event. I wanted to take my family to have some harmless fun with my community and after seeing the event list this morning I can't stop feeling so sorry for the poor animals involved.


A very concerned citizen of Utah County.