The Hypocrites Are Right

Sadly, the hypocrites are right. We need to be better than they are and only take up opposition when there is actually something to oppose. I'm »

One Thing the Mormon Church Does Right - Socialism

As much as I can't stand the Mormon religion or religion in general as an institution, there's one thing that most religions (particularly Mormonism) get right »

Good "Old-Fashioned" Animal Abuse

I found out early this morning that the Utah County Fair is adding yet another event to their list that is directly centered around animal abuse »

How I Became A Skeptic - Part 2

My first lesson in skepticism. One day when I came home from high school my parents sat all of us down to tell us some exciting »

How I Became A Skeptic - Part 1

I love to do a lot of introspection and one thing that's been on my mind quite a bit lately is how I deal with emotions »

I respect people, not beliefs.

One of the things that gets under my skin is how comfortable some people are blurting out their assumptions about me when they hear I'm an »